About Us

LAVISH Design Group established in the first quarter of 2007 as a Design Firm and an Executioner, We have worked with our wide range of client with every individual attention given to their project. As a Design firm our clientele include the Corporate centre, Call Centres, Personal office, Luxury home, Apartments and Holiday Home keeping in mind client’s individual taste, their lifestyle and budget. We try and provide them with best suited interior to live and work within the space.
With a team of highly skilled professional we are equipped to undertake any size of project in and across the globe. As a Firm, we provide 100% commitment towards the given work and provide satisfaction to our client with our best services.


The future vision of LAVISH Design Group is to achieve excellence in the field of the interiors with designs that appeal to the aesthetic senses and create an ambience conducive to performance and comfort.

Our Mission

With the depletion of natural resources and a global energy crisis, we at LAVISH Design Group strive to help the cause of conserving energy. We consciously and scientifically design an architecture that is energy conscious and at the same time contemporary in its style